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Refuge by Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley has lived in New York City for the last twelve years, but he really prefers to be anywhere else, shooting.

Kevin’s clients include Cisco, Conde Nast Portfolio, Details, GQ, New York Magazine, Sony and The New York Times Magazine. As an artist, he exhibits photography and video work internationally. His pieces are in several collections, including the Guggenheim Museum.
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Landscape Photography by Jakub Polomski

Jakub Polomski

Beautiful landscapes by Polish photographer Jakub Polomski. He started photography five years ago unpretentious, but now shows to the world amazing landscapes shots, notably glaciers and mountains.

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Libya Before Gaddafi in Photography

Libya Before Gaddafi

As the owner of a hotel in 1960′s Libya, Mohamed Nga lived in the rarefied circles of Tripoli’s cosmopolitan society. His son, photographer Jehad Nga, writes about his father’s life before the Muammar Gaddafi regime.

Libya Before Gaddafi2
Libya Before Gaddafi3
Libya Before Gaddafi4
Libya Before Gaddafi5
Libya Before Gaddafi6
Libya Before Gaddafi7
Libya Before Gaddafi8
Libya Before Gaddafi9
Libya Before Gaddafi10
Libya Before Gaddafi11
Libya Before Gaddafi12
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